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The New, Improved FollowFox

Posted on Wed, Apr 12 2017

A lot of people are asking how our new FollowFox is different from the old one. Well, a few people are asking. Well, actually, nobody has asked yet, but we figured that at least one person might be curious, so if you're that one person, this is for you:

  • FollowFox has been completely re-written from the ground up. It is now even faster, more secure and more reliable than ever before. Finding a contact amongst tens of thousands takes less than a second. And, every operation is blazingly fast, which means that even if you don't own the latest smartphone sporting googly-bits of memory and high speed dodeca-core processors, FollowFox will be just as zippy, even on that old iPhone 5 you've been hanging-on to.

  • Data entry has also been streamlined. We have new auto-complete-and-fill fields for addresses -- with only a handful of keystrokes you can enter complete addresses, including postal codes (even if you don't know them).

  • And, speaking of addresses, FollowFox now supports international phone numbers and addresses. Our internationalization allows for non-English languages and character sets, too.

  • We've made tweaks and changes to the UI/UX (that's techie for User Interface / User Experience) that makes FollowFox super easy to use. A few mouse clicks or taps on the screen is all it takes to connect to key functions. We've reorganized the menu system so that as we expand and grow FollowFox's feature set we won't create additional complexity. In other words, even though we'll continue to make FollowFox more powerful, it won't get harder to use.

  • Lastly, we've made FollowFox available at no charge. Yes, free. And we don't mean free, but only for a limited number of contacts or free, but you have to watch a bunch of ads everyday in order to use it or free, but eventually you'll have to pay for it or it will stop working. We mean totally free.  Yes, we do have a paid version (FollowFox Pro) that we hope many users will eventually want to upgrade to, but the point is, you won't have to if you don't want to. That means that your entire team -- from newbies to pros -- can enjoy the benefits of using FollowFox without investing a bunch of money to do so.

So, there you have it. The new FollowFox. We hope you'll enjoy what we've done with it. 

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